Stocks- Dow Tumbles again as Mnuchin saps the market's holiday spirit. Polymer demand slow as sharp price fall anticipated.  Crude Oil WTI $42.70 Resin Prices in Euro/KG ABS: 2.04, PMMA:2.95,  PC:3.17, POM:1.84, PS GPPS 1.47, PP homo:1.32, PP random:1.43, PS HIPS:1.57, SAN transparent:2.13


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This material is used frequently in a self lubricating bearing surface or slide type applications. Resistant to most common chemicals. One of the most popular work horse materials of the mechanical plastics family.

  • Nylon/Polyamide : Polyhexamethylene Adiptimide and Polycaprolactam 
  • Type 6, Type 6/6, Type 6/12 and Type 12 – Sheet and Rod
  • Used in Food Processing, Automotive, Fluid Handling, Electronics and Mining applications.

Main properties of our range of nylon sheet, nylon rod and nylon tube are: 

  • nylon has high mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness
  • nylon has good fatigue resistance
  • nylon has high mechanical damping ability
  • nylon has good sliding properties
  • nylon has excellent wear resistance
  • nylon has good electrical insulating properties
  • nylon has high resistance against high energy radiation (gamma and X-rays)
  • nylon has good machinability.


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