ABS Sheet and Rod

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ABS Sheet and Rod

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

We carry Natural and Black ABS Rod and ABS Sheet in stock

ABS Sheet is smooth on both sides and is either Black or Natural (straw-tan-ivory-beige). Material is easily cut with common cutting tools, can be machined similar to woods or soft metals (brass), CNC machining is appropriate. FDA approved for use in food processing applications. Material can be bonded with solvents or attached to itself with ultra-sonic or heat welding methods. Can be sanded, drilled, and worked like a hard wood.

ABS Rod and ABS Sheet are very strong and tough, and applicable to be used in most general purpose applications. Good dimensional stability and machining properties. Available is wide range of sizes in both sheet and rod, and custom formulations and sizes.

Basic Properties: 

  • Material has Good Mechanical Properties
  • Very High Impact Strength
  • It is Bondable / Weldable to itself
  • Cuts well with standard cutting tools
  • Material is Paintable, Machinable, and Heat / Vacuum Formable
  • Same material as Black Drain Pipe used in homes


  • FDA Compliant Machined Parts
  • Model / Prototype parts
  • Heat Formed and Vacuum Formed Parts
  • Strip Heat / Bent Thin Gauge Covers and Housings
  • Inserts, Spacers, and Mounting Plates
  • Paintable Machined or Cut Parts
  • Same Material As Used In Black Plastic Drain Pipe

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