Stocks- Dow Tumbles again as Mnuchin saps the market's holiday spirit. Polymer demand slow as sharp price fall anticipated.  Crude Oil WTI $42.70 Resin Prices in Euro/KG ABS: 2.04, PMMA:2.95,  PC:3.17, POM:1.84, PS GPPS 1.47, PP homo:1.32, PP random:1.43, PS HIPS:1.57, SAN transparent:2.13

Prismatic Acrylic diffuser

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Prismatic extruded sheet with a textured pattern on one side is a lightweight, translucent material optimised for light transmission and diffusion making it a popular choice for lighting applications.

Key features:

  • Light diffusion
  • Excellent light transmission
  • Weather resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Impact resistance

Typical applications:

  • Lighting applications
  • Skylight
  • Interior partition/screen
  • Exhibition display
  • Interior decoration
  • Exterior decoration material


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