Gold/Bronze Acrylic Mirror

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Gold/Bronze Acrylic Mirror is far more stronger than glass , so risk of breaking is lowered, also its shatter proof . Benefiting from being half the weight of plate glass mirror with five times the impact strength, acrylic mirror is often used as a more economical alternative to glass mirror. Since Acrylic mirror can be cut to any shape and size, its ideal for using in bathroom or on the back of the doors to open up the room and reflect the light. Acrylic mirror is available in a range of vivid colours and in Gold/Bronze/Silver.

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Key features:

  • Gold and Bronze Mirror finish
  • Easy to cut in any shape and sizes
  • Stronger than glass mirror
  • Lighter than glass mirror
  • Shatter proof
  • Scratch resistant 
  • Economical

Typical applications:

  • Garden mirror
  • Shop Fitting
  • Gym mirror
  • Dance studio mirror
  • Point of sale/Point of purchase
  • Retail display
  • Display cases
  • Architectural design
  • Model making
  • Prop making
  • Theatrical set design
  • Cosmetic display
  • Home use
  • DIY projects

Gold/Bronze Mirror finish 

Highly reflective mirrored surface with a grey backing on the reverse.


High Impact resistance,  10 times greater than equivalent glass mirror.


Acrylic sheet mirror is a light weight material that is easy and safe to handle , easy to cut to any shape and sizes. easy workable and installation. 


Unlike some traditional glass mirror, acrylic mirror is shatterproof.

Resistance to Harsh Weather

High resistance to weather makes acrylic mirror an appropriate solution for both indoor and outdoor applications. It's just as suitable for garden installations as it is cosmetic counter displays.

Application tips and instructions:

This mirror sheets are best screwed and hung if going against wall 

Good mirror adhesive such as Evo-Stick Mirror Adhesive or a good quality VHB double side tape. Any adhesive used must be applied evenly to help achieve a flat finish therefore minimising the chance of distortion.

Both mirror adhesive and VHB double sided tape are readily available in all good hardware stores.

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